Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cub Scout Olympics at Minuteman Regional High School

Take 128/95 to Route 2A in Lexington. You'll see a sign for the school not too far after the exit, on the left.

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St. Brigid's Parish, Lexington

The Flintlock District of the Boston Minuteman Council holds Roundtable Meetings once a month at St. Brigid's Parish in Lexington. Roundtable meetings provide the opportunity to share experiences, ideas, and knowledge in a fun and enjoyable setting. Anyone who is involved in any leadership capacity is welcome and encouraged to attend.

St. Bridgid's Parish is located in Lexington center, close to the Battle Green. Take 128 to Exit 31 A, Rts. 4/225, South, towards Lexington. This is Bedford Street. Follow Bedford Street for about 1.6 miles. Immediately before the Battle Green, turn right onto Harrington Street. If you pass the Battle Green (on your right) you've gone too far. Harrington Street merges into Mass Ave. St. Brigid's in on the right.

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