Monday, November 22, 2021

Pack Merger & Zoom Meeting Information

Greetings Pack 722,

As announced at the Pack Meeting, we have met with the leadership from Pack 712 for a discussion about merging both Cub Scout Packs of Wakefield. The reasons to consider merging are related to uneven rank numbers within Packs and parent leadership concerns in the future when Webelo and AOL cubs crossover in the future. As discussed, there are a list of pros and cons to the merger:

  1. Cons: 
    • All cubs will need a new application (combined Pack leadership will assist with this) 
    • It would be a large Pack, space could be an issue, but we will figure out where we will meet for next year. First Parrish is available (where the Troop meets), but we will be outside as well. 
    • People will need a new number on their uniforms (701) to match the New Pack 701. This number will unite the packs and be consistent with the Scouting Troop 701 once cubs cross over. 
  1. Upsides: 
    • Numbers will be more even between Den Ranks, 
    • There will be more programming opportunities with merged activities 
    • Combined parent leadership
    • Exposure to kids from other elementary schools which can help kids transition to the Galvin and Troop 701 in scouting. 
    • Increased continuity for Wakefield community
    • Financial benefits with more combined fundraising efforts.

More details: for the rest of this year, the Packs will each essentially do their own thing, but with a combined event or two such as the Pinewood Derby. We will likely charter together this year while meeting separately as Packs. In the spring we will start recruiting together as Pack 701 and finish transitioning into one large Pack for the 2022-2023 school year.  We will be able to include Pack 712 with the cool summer activities we participate in. We will communicate as needed about items related to the merger as things progress. Please let us know if there are questions or concerns about this information. We will be hosting a Zoom meeting after the Thanksgiving holiday for parent discussion in combination with Pack 712 leadership to provide more information. 

Topic: Parent Discussion for Pack 712/722 Merger 

Time: Nov 28, 2021 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 564 096 8693

Passcode: MBT

We hope to see you there and that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday together.

Yours in Scouting,

Pack 722 Leadership

Friday, November 19, 2021

Holiday Ornaments Fundraiser

Hello Pack 722,

As announced last night at the Pack meeting, we are exploring other potential fundraisers and one of them is selling holiday ornaments that are made locally by a scouter that administers some of the local BSA historic hikes.  The cost for these ornaments to customers is $10 each.  Hopefully, you took a look last night and will agree that the quality of these ornaments is quite good.  As noted at the pack meeting, we have limited quantities (10X of each ornament), so if you decide to buy some ornaments or make a sale, please do notify us so that we can keep track of our available quantities.

Here is a link to a PDF file with the ornament images:

Apologies in advance for the quality of some of the photos.  We will try to update the images shortly to have better and clearer images.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work during our popcorn fundraiser.  This fundraiser is low pressure but as stated previously, we would like to see if there is any traction for potentially expanding this in the future.

Much thanks as well to all the scouts, siblings and parents that helped out last night with putting together the holiday crackers, and to the scouts for making those greeting cards for our local veterans!

Yours in Scouting,
Your Pack Committee

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Pack Meeting Reminder

Hello Pack 722,

First, a reminder that we have a Pack Meeting on Thursday, November 18 at 6:30PM at First Parish Congregational Church.  Masks are required.  Additionally, please remember to bring your toilet paper and paper towel rolls for make Christmas crackers, along with any candy you are willing to donate.  We will separate the candies with nuts from the nut-free candies.  Furthermore, we are asking that some parents assist with preparing the crackers during the first part of the meeting so that the scouts can complete the assembly during the second half of the meeting.  Materials for cracker assembly will be supplied - we just need the additional hands to make the work go faster.  Much thanks!

Second, a reminder that if you have not paid your Pack dues yet, please get it to your Den Leader during the pack meeting this Thursday - $160 for the first scout, $150 for additional scouts.  Please reach out to your Den Leader if financial assistance is required; the Pack does have scholarships available.

Third, a correction to the previous message that was sent out -- the December pack meeting is on Friday, December 10th and NOT the 17th.  Apologies for that mistake.

Lastly, the Wolf Scouts will be collecting food donations at the December pack meeting as part of their community service project.  Please see the attached document for items they will be collecting.

Yours in Scouting,
Your Pack Leadership

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Upcoming Pack Events

Hello Pack 722,

Upcoming Events -

Thursday, November 18th - 6:30PM - Pack Meeting, First Parish Congregational Church
Friday, December 17th - 6:30PM - Pack Meeting, First Parish Congregational Church
Friday, January 7th - 5:30PM - Pack Movie Night, First Parish Congregational Church

Please note that these events are scheduled to be indoors in the basement area of the church.  Current guidelines from our council is that all attendees at indoor meetings must wear masks.

For our November meeting, please save up your cardboard toilet paper roll and paper towel tubes and bring them with you to our pack meeting along with any excess Halloween candy you are willing to part with.  Every November, we take part of our pack meeting to make Christmas Crackers for donation to the Wakefield Food Pantry to spread some holiday cheer!  Additionally, our November pack meeting will be where we distribute popcorn sold via take-orders. Thanks to all the scouts and families for their hard work during our popcorn fundraiser!

Our December pack meeting is our annual pie-a-thon night for the scouts that earned the prize during our popcorn fundraiser.  It is an evening you will not want to miss!

Pack Dues: Pack dues this year are $160 for the first scout and $150 for additional scouts.  This can be by check (made out to Pack 722), cash or Venmo (@pack722wakefield).  If you use Venmo, please make sure to write your Scout's name and Den Number in the description. We are asking for all dues to be paid to your den leaders by the November pack meeting.  If for whatever reason you are unable to pay, we do have scholarships available -- please talk to your den leader or our committee chair (Brad Wagner).  Part of the Pack Dues that you pay go towards the Adventure Card, which gives free or discounted rates towards various scout and non-scout related activities. Here is a link to the council page for reference: 

Look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming pack events!

Yours in Scouting,
Your Pack Leadership