Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Update for Hikes and a new one added for this weekend

We had a couple of people attend last Saturday's Hike.  I heard it was a great time.

Please note - if you plan on attending the hikes, we are changing the deadline to contact Mr. Pothier to Thursday night at 5 pm.  This will ensure that he has time to coordinate the car rides.

On these hikes - there will probably be no public bathrooms.  

We have added another hike this Saturday June 20th called Leslie's Retreat. We will meet in Salem at the parking lot on Federal and Church St across from the Peabody Essex Museum at 7:45 am.  Plan to leave some cars there and drive others to the start in Marblehead.  It is approximately 5-6 miles long, with no public bathrooms and we anticipate it taking 4-5.5 hours to complete.  Again, if you wish to join us, please email Mr. Pothier at guggins@yahoo.com so that he will know whom to expect.  Make sure to be prepared for the weather and carry enough water.

Don't forget this weekend is our Spring "Camping" in our own backyards.  

Your Pack Committee

Monday, June 15, 2020

Outdoor Activity Award

In addition to the Summertime Pack Award, many of our scouts earn the Outdoor activity award.  This award starts with the completion of a resident or day camp provided by BSA.  The second is completing a required adventure from the Scout handbook (usually done through the Scout year).  The third step is completing an additional 4, 5, 6 or 7 outdoor activities (Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos, respectively).   We have attached the normal requirement sheet to this email for your convenience.  Make sure to mark off and take photos of your completion.  Email your den leaders with questions!

With the difficulty/uncertainty of completing summer camp this year, our Pack has prepared our own guidelines for requirements to fulfill the summer camp portion. The Scouts would have to complete all 5 Alternate Summer Camp Activities to satisfy the Summer Camp requirement.  They would then have to complete step 2 and 3 to achieve the award.   This option will be used if a Scout can't make it to a summer camp this year (there will be some camps around but the enrollment will be scaled back).

Alternative Summer Camp Activities (Must complete all 5 and please send pictures to your den leader for each item)

2. Make a fort 
3. Practice working on 3 Knots (attachment as well as these videos https://www.animatedknots.com/scouting-knots )
4. Camp out 2 nights throughout the summer (in addition to Father's Day weekend)  Preferably in your backyard, but if you have restrictions, discuss it with your den leader to figure out what can work for you.
5. Earn one elective (listed below) involving the outdoors for your new rank (Remember you just crossed over)

Floats and Boats
Good Knights
Rolling Tigers
Sky is the Limit
Tiger Tag

Air of the Wolf
Digging in the Past
Finding Your Way
Germs Alive
Grow Something

A Bear Goes Fishing
Bear Picnic Basket
Make it Move
Salmon Run

Cast Away
Earth Rocks
Into the Wild
Into the Woods

We hope you all have a great outdoor summer!

Your Pack Committee

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Rank Up/Recruiting/Summer Pack Activities

Good Evening Pack!

We hope you are all doing well and are ready for Summer.  Typically by this point we have had our rank up ceremony and about to host our recruiting Round Up on the common.  However, due to delays and cancellations, we have not been able to do either.

Rank Ups - we are waiting for the advancements to be mailed out.  Once we have them, den leaders will be reaching out to each family to determine the best way to present them to your Scout.  Once everyone has received their advancements, we will be putting together a slideshow in order to congratulate all Scouts for not only ranking up but a few special awards as well.  Be on the lookout for correspondence from your den leader and the Pack.

Recruiting - We are in the process of purchasing some lawn signs.  When your den leader delivers your Scouts advancements - if you would be willing to have one on your property, we would appreciate it.  Not being able to have an in person recruiting event is tough.  However, through word of mouth (TELL YOUR FRIENDS) and placing these signs, we hope for many new scouts in the fall!

Summer Activities - as usual we will be hosting a number of summer activities. REMEMBER: you must participate in one activity each month (June, July and August) to qualify for the Summertime Pack Award.  These events are on our Pack Calendar.  Make sure to watch the calendar for updates or changes.

The first June event technically has passed, however, feel free to do this on your own time.  There was plenty of trash just around the parking lot.  

All park cleanups are in person events, if your family is not comfortable in a group setting, please feel free to do it on your own time. but will generally start them at 9am when Mr. Pothier is in attendance.   The Scouts should be encouraged to carry the 6 essentials in a backpack.  Items not to collect as trash by the Scouts would be but not limited to glass, clothes and needles.  A picture of the Scout at the park during the cleanup is needed and required to be sent to Mr. Pothier ( guggins@yahoo.com) and their den leader. 

The younger scouts have the opportunity to enjoy short hikes in the Town Forest June and July and the longer Pirate Trek hike in August.   

The 3 - 10 mile hikes are designed for older scouts, AOL and Webelos.   Because these are new hikes to us, we don't know much about them including food, water and bathroom stops.  Food and water will have to be carried for the hike.  The first 2, larger hikes, have to be planned out as far as travel because they are point to point hikes and not circular.   If you please to go, please email Mr. Pothier so that he can expect you.  This requires members to reach out to Mr. Pothier so we can coordinate the logistics of car rides or biking from the end back to the start.   We will have to adhere to face coverings and social distancing rules.....neckerchiefs are great for this practice.  

All BSA historical hike hikers have the opportunity to earn a trail patch and medal. 


7th      Sunday - Mapleway Town Forest Cleanup 9am start  
13th    Saturday - Witch Trail 8am start, 10 mile Danvers to Salem 5-7.5 hrs. - Remember to email Mr. Pothier by 5pm the night before so that he can expect you.
20-21 Sat-Sun - Pack Backyard Campout - Make sure to take a photo and send it to Mr. Pothier and your Den leader. 


4th.         Saturday - Sons of Liberty Trail 8am start, 10 mile Lex. To Concord 5-7.5 hrs  Remember to email Mr. Pothier by 5pm the night before so that he can expect you.
10-11th.  FRIDAY-Sat. - USS Constitution Sleepover 4-5pm arrival? - This is still unknown, we are waiting for a response from the Constitution if we can participate or not, we will email out once we know more.
11th       Saturday - Clean Grounds at a School of your choice
25th.       Saturday - JJ Round Park Town Forest cleanup 9am start


3-7th      Mon-Fri - Wakefield Summer Camp 8am - 6pm - Register with council
9th.         Sunday - Colonel Connelly Park cleanup 9am start
10-14th. Mon-Fri - Wakefield Stem Camp 8am - 6pm - Register with council
15th.       Sunday  - Pilgrim Trail Hike 8am start, 10 mile Plymouth Ma. 5-7.5 hrs  Remember to email Mr. Pothier by 5pm the night before so that he can expect you.
29th.      Saturday  - Upper and Lower Commons cleanup 
30th.      Sunday  - Pirate Trek Hike 9am start, 4 miles, 2-3.5 hrs Remember to email Mr. Pothier by 5pm the night before so that he can expect you.

We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Your Pack Committee