Monday, June 15, 2020

Outdoor Activity Award

In addition to the Summertime Pack Award, many of our scouts earn the Outdoor activity award.  This award starts with the completion of a resident or day camp provided by BSA.  The second is completing a required adventure from the Scout handbook (usually done through the Scout year).  The third step is completing an additional 4, 5, 6 or 7 outdoor activities (Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos, respectively).   We have attached the normal requirement sheet to this email for your convenience.  Make sure to mark off and take photos of your completion.  Email your den leaders with questions!

With the difficulty/uncertainty of completing summer camp this year, our Pack has prepared our own guidelines for requirements to fulfill the summer camp portion. The Scouts would have to complete all 5 Alternate Summer Camp Activities to satisfy the Summer Camp requirement.  They would then have to complete step 2 and 3 to achieve the award.   This option will be used if a Scout can't make it to a summer camp this year (there will be some camps around but the enrollment will be scaled back).

Alternative Summer Camp Activities (Must complete all 5 and please send pictures to your den leader for each item)

2. Make a fort 
3. Practice working on 3 Knots (attachment as well as these videos )
4. Camp out 2 nights throughout the summer (in addition to Father's Day weekend)  Preferably in your backyard, but if you have restrictions, discuss it with your den leader to figure out what can work for you.
5. Earn one elective (listed below) involving the outdoors for your new rank (Remember you just crossed over)

Floats and Boats
Good Knights
Rolling Tigers
Sky is the Limit
Tiger Tag

Air of the Wolf
Digging in the Past
Finding Your Way
Germs Alive
Grow Something

A Bear Goes Fishing
Bear Picnic Basket
Make it Move
Salmon Run

Cast Away
Earth Rocks
Into the Wild
Into the Woods

We hope you all have a great outdoor summer!

Your Pack Committee