Monday, December 27, 2021


Hello Pack 722,

The rewards points are now available in order to be claimed in the popcorn system. 

Here are some instructions on how to claim your reward from the app (it is basically the same online at the website),

Remember that this year, prizes only come in the way of Amazon gift cards. If you earned enough points for a gift card, it will show you when you log in. The minimum number of points needed to get a $10 gift card is 500 points  if you would like to review the prize system points and how they are earned as well as the prize levels, follow this link:

Thank you everyone for your hard work selling popcorn this year!

-the Kernel

Monday, December 6, 2021

Upcoming Pack Meeting Reminder

Hello Pack 722,

This is a reminder for our upcoming Pack meeting on Friday, December 10th at 6:30PM, which will be held at First Parish Congregational Church.  This meeting is our annual Pie-a-Palooza and promises to be very exciting.  If you may be in danger of getting pie'd, we recommend wearing clothes you might not mind moving on from if they don't clean up very well after the event.

Please also remember that the Wolf Den is running a food drive on Friday for donation to the Wakefield Food Pantry.  Please see the attached flier.

At the meeting, we will also have the Holiday Ornaments available for purchase and please remember that we are still currently running the holiday ornament fundraiser, albeit lower pressure than the popcorn fundraiser.

Friday will also be the night we pass out Pinewood Derby kits.  While the Pinewood Derby is not until the first weekend of March, it is coming fast and we want to get the kits into your hands so your scouts can start planning out their cars.  Please keep track of your kits and remember that part of the rules (to be sent out at a later date) include using BSA wheels and the axles included with your kits, as well as using the provided axle slots on the pinewood derby block.

Lastly, the Pack will be hosting a movie night on Friday, January 7th - 5:30PM.  Pizza and popcorn will be provided.  More information to come but we usually have a movie in the basement for the younger scouts and a second movie in the first floor area for the older scouts.  Siblings, as always, are welcome!

See you all Friday!  Yours in Scouting,

Pack 722 Committee