Monday, March 2, 2020

Final Derby Information!

Its finally here, this weekend is our big Derby Race.

Weigh In
The Derby Weigh In will be Friday March 6 from 6:30-8pm (sorry no early check ins).  No cars will be allowed to be checked in on Saturday March 7th (derby day).  All cars will be kept overnight at the church.  If you personally cannot attend the weigh in, please give your car to someone who can check it in for you.  No Uniforms are required.

No car can weigh more that 5 ounces. The Pack uses one scale to record the Official weight. All cars are checked in using that one scale to keep things even.  We will have a few tools and graphite to make minor adjustments to your cars if necessary.  

Derby Day
Our Annual Derby will be held at the Church on Saturday March 7th.  Races are held by rank.  Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time, we do not wait for everyone to arrive.  This is a Class A uniform event.  We will have a Concession Stand, however if the scouts can bring their water bottles, we are actively trying to be more conservation minded as a Pack.  Even if you cannot attend the day, your car can race!

·         AOL 9-9:45
·         Weblos 9:45-10:45
·         Bear 10:45-11:30
·         Wolf 11:30-12:30
·         Tiger 12:30-1:15
·         Lion 1:15-1:45
·         Family 1:45-?

See you all ready to race!

Your Pack Committee