Thursday, July 16, 2020

Advancements/Yard Signs/Summer Activities/Aug 15th Hike Change/USS Consitution

We hope everyone's summers are going well!  We wanted to give some updates regarding the Pack.


They have finally arrived! We are working on getting them to you den leaders and they will be reaching out soon.

Yard Signs

We are in the process of obtaining yard signs to show everyone we are proud of our scouts and help promote the pack.  When your den leader arrives with your Scout's advancements, they will be asking if you are ok with the sign in your yard. We are getting enough for one per family.

Summer Activities

Hopefully, your families are enjoying the outdoors.  Just a reminder about our Summer Activities and the possible Outdoor activity awards, we have a lot of opportunities to get out and be active in our communities while being socially distant.  Don't forget to take photos of your activities and share them with your Den Leaders and our Cubmaster - Mark.  We want to make sure everyone gets credit for the awesome adventures they take this summer. 

August 15th Hike Change

We will no longer be doing the Pilgrim Trail on August 15th.  Instead we will be doing the Freedom Trail.  More information to come but we will start at 9am.

USS Constitution

Some of you may have seen on our Summer activity list that there was a potential of a sleepover on the USS Constitution early in July.  Some of you may have even seen some pictures.  Due to COVID, we were restricted to a total of 25 people.  So we decided it was best to offer this trip to our oldest scouts first and then in a future year try to have the same trip for those scouts who were not able to go the first time.  We hope to host this event again very soon.

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