Sunday, October 4, 2020

Pack Outdoor & Fishing Weekend - Saturday October 17th

Typically every year at this time we are preparing for our annual Columbus weekend camping trip.  With the way life is at the moment - we did not feel that is possible.

So instead, we are recommending everyone use the weekend of October 16-18 as a Family Outdoor weekend.  Sleep in a tent in your yard (or maybe under a pillow fort in your living room).  Go for a Hike or a Bike Ride. 


Come fish with us at Lake Q.  Kids under the age of 15 do not need a fishing license.

Saturday October 17th 7:30am-9am

Please dress for the weather, however if the scouts could wear their Class B uniforms or their scout hats that would be great.

Make sure to wear your masks.

Bring your fishing gear - if you have any extra, we may have some scouts who are in need to borrow it.  Please let us know.  Also, Walmart does have some cheaper poles for approx $10.  Wakefield also has a local store, Boats and Motors, on North Ave near the dinner.  A stick with string works as well!!!.

Make sure to bring your own drinking water.

The Pack will be providing corn and worms for bait - however, feel free to bring what bait you like to fish with.

We will be spreading out around the lake.  Please see the picture below as to where each group will be.  Pack Leadership will be around to help you.

Lions, Tigers and Webelos - The Red X

Bears - The Blue X

Wolf and AOL's - The Yellow X

Looking forward to seeing what kind of fishing stories our Scouts will come up with!


Your Pack Committee