Thursday, October 10, 2019

Camp Nihan Parking/Service Project

First of all, we have been informed that there should be enough parking at Camp Nihan, but people should know not to block the road.  Please make sure to let your Den leaders knows if you will be attending.

Secondly, a small service project between this weekend and our Pack meeting.  The Troop helps us when we ask, so we are asking the Pack to help the Troop.  Their annual fundraiser is wreath sales.  They need to collect pine cones in order to decorate the wreaths.  There will be a box at both the camp on Saturday as well as the Pack meeting on Thursday.  A description of what they are looking for: " Eastern White pine cones to be exact. This year looks to be a bumper year for pine cones unlike last year. I will include a photo so everyone knows what we are looking for. Good places to look for pine cones are during the upcoming camping trips, local parks, cemeteries, Pine banks park, Breakheart, the Middlesex Fells, Walden Pond, your neighbors yards, etc."

Hope to see you all this weekend.

Your Pack Committee