Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Popcorn updates

Ok Pack 722, we are 2 days away from finishing up popcorn sales! Popcorn Order Forms ARE DUE TO YOUR DEN LEADERS ON OCTOBER 25!

If you haven't gotten out into your neighborhood yet, now is the time to do it! We are trying to get every scout to sell at least $350 worth of popcorn. That includes the show and sell amount. Remember that more sales equal more excellent prizes!

Each Show & Sell slot was worth $60 this year. That means if you worked for one slot, you get $60 toward prizes. If you worked two slots, you get $120 toward prizes. If you add this amount to the amount you have sold on your Popcorn Sales Order Form, you will get the total amount that you have for prizes. If you look at the prize sheet, you will see the prize amount tiers. The amount that you have earned will be equal to a prize tier amount from which to select a prize. 

Remember, if you sold a lot of popcorn, you can select prizes from multiple prize tiers as long as the sum of the prize amounts on the prize form equal the total amount that you have earned in sales. 

That is all. Go sell some popcorn. 


-The Kernel