Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Upcoming Pack 722 Events

Hello Pack 722,

This coming Friday, December 16th at 6:30PM at the Wakefield-Lynnfield Methodist Church is our December Pack Meeting.  This meeting, we recognize our top fundraisers from the fall candy sales in our Pie-a-Palooza event where each den's top seller gets to "pie" a pack leader, parent, or sibling.  Here are the top sellers :

Tiger - Ian Lander
Wolf - Brady Rafael
Bear - Alex Theisen
Webelos - Nicholas Nou & Trent Savage
AOL Den 5 - Sylvan Sheau
AOL Den 8 - Christian Guild
AOL Den 14 - Leah Ellis

TOP THREE SCOUTS: Matty Belyea (Overall Winner), Ian Lander, Alex Theisen


One of our top three sellers will also get to have a pie thrown in their face - to be drawn at the meeting.  We do ask that everyone throwing a pie at the pack meeting give their pie-recipient fair warning so they can come prepared.  For all of you new to the Pack this year, Pack 722 has a tradition of using whipped cream with chocolate - so plan accordingly, including wearing clothes you will not mind potentially needing to retire.

Scouts will also receive their Pinewood Derby (PWD) kits at the pack meeting.  Please see your den leaders at the end of the pack meeting to pick up your kit so they can keep track of who has received it and who has not.  If you cannot make it to the pack meeting, your den leader will have the kit to give to you at your next den meeting.  A separate email will be sent out with the rules for the PWD.  In addition to the scouts racing, we also have a family race for any family members that are not scouts (kids or adults), so they can pour all of their imagination, desires and skill into a car of their own for racing.  Family cars are held to the same rules that the scouts' cars are required to meet.  The pack will have some additional kits available for purchase at $5 each, whether for an entry into the family race or a "just in case" kit to have.

Friday, January 6 - 5:30PM @ Wakefield-Lynnfield UMC - MOVIE NIGHT: Popcorn will be provided but not pizza.
Friday, January 20 - 6:30PM @ Wakefield-Lynnfield UMC - Blue & Gold Pack Meeting
Saturday, January 21 - Pinewood Derby Workshop @ Mr. Pothier's - Details to be included in PWD email.

Yours in Scouting,
Pack 722 Leadership