Friday, October 7, 2022

Sudden Pond Camping Trip: Details

Hello Pack 722,

Our annual pack camping trip to Sudden Pond in Harold Parker State Forest returns this year on Friday, October 14 through Sunday, October 16.  We are excited to be back at Sudden Pond for this Pack 722 tradition and we are thrilled to have you all join us!

Here is a link for the location of the entrance to the Sudden Pond camping area:  The gate at this location is generally closed but will be open for us and we will have the Pack banner up as well at the entrance. There is generally enough parking for everyone but it can get tight, so please keep the number of vehicles to a minimum; we ask there be no more than 1 vehicle per family.

Den activities will take place on Saturday along with our pack campfire/meeting on Saturday night, and potentially a den activity Sunday morning depending on your den - primarily the older Webelos and AOL scouts that may be working on cooking requirements. Scouts are not required to spend the entire weekend to participate in any of the den and/or pack activities, but we do ask that each scout planning to camp has a parent/guardian accompanying them.  Scouts and families can attend as much as their schedule allows, and siblings are welcome to attend as well.

Scouts and families can arrive as early as 5PM on Friday.and departure is after breakfast Sunday morning.  We ask that before setting up your tent upon arrival, please check in with a scout leader so that you can be directed to the area your den will be using for the weekend.  Camping gear is by family but if you do not have your own gear, please reach out as we may be able to find gear for you or at least direct you to wear it can be attained; stores such as REI have rental equipment available.

The Pack covers the permit costs for the site, provides porta-potties, and will also provide water for refilling water bottles.  Meals will be per family or per Den, with the Saturday evening meal no longer being a Pack wide potluck but rather a potluck at the Den level.

Below are some FAQs but if there are any questions or concerns you have that are not answered here, please reach out.

Yours in Scouting,
Pack 722 Leadership

FAQs -

Do we have to stay the entire time?  In short, no. Families are welcome to camp for all of the weekend, for just one evening, or to come for just part of the day on Saturday for den activities and/or the Pack meeting Saturday evening.

What is there to do at Sudden Pond?  Fishing, Hiking, Exploring! - but no Swimming!  Dens will generally plan a few activities on Saturday to work on scout skills and outdoor requirements, but there will be some free time for scouts and families to just relax and enjoy being outdoors.

What temperatures can we expect?  Some years have been hot and muggy while others have gotten chilly enough to warrant hats and gloves.  It is autumn in New England - a beautiful time to be outside but also a bit unpredictable weather-wise.  Please be sure to check the weather forecasts while packing and pack accordingly.

Do I need to be there while my scout is there?  Depends.  For any of the actual overnight portions, yes, we do ask a parent or guardian to be present for the camping part.  However, if your scout is attending during the day for a den activity, you can likely drop-off and pick-up when that activity is completed - consult your den leader to be sure.

Can scouts share a tent?  Younger scouts (Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Bears) may not share a tent and must stay in a tent with their parent/guardian.  Webelos and AOL scouts are permitted to share a tent, but it must be a scouts-only tent; no adult can be in that tent with them.

Can scouts bring a pocket knife? Only scouts with their Whittling Chip card or those that will be working on earning their Whittling Chip card (consult your Den Leader) can bring a pocket knife to the camping trip. The Whittling Chip card can only be earned by scouts working on their Bear rank or higher, so no Lion, Tiger, nor Wolf scout should have a knife.

What about meals? Generally speaking, families should plan to provide meals for themselves unless the den has planned a cooking activity or arranged a potluck for the den.  Meals at camp for the weekend are Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast.